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Intelligence Solutions

Terrogence Global is a leading intelligence company

Providing Intelligence solutions to government agencies and commercial enterprises since 2004.

The Terrogence Global Edge

In the world of intelligence, experience is key. With terrorists constantly upgrading or changing tactics, only those who can predict their next steps can stay ahead. 

Strong Human Factor

Our management team includes nationally and globally respected professionals with senior backgrounds in elite Army Intelligence units, EOD/IEDD units, National Police Bomb Disposal Division, and more. Our team of analysts is fluent in multiple languages and combines many years of relevant field experience.

Unique Methodology

Terrogence Global pioneered a unique methodology, based on sourcing critical intelligence, which we have been operating for 17+ years. These operations are powered by technological solutions to allow wider coverage, in-depth investigation, and 24/7 collection. Over the years, as technology advanced and terrorists’ online capabilities improved, our reach has extended significantly to encompass thoushands of unique and exclusive sources of information.

Our Solutions

Among our Clients
Government organizations, Law enforcement, and national security agencies.
Global Commercial Enterprises.
Financial Institutions
Financial Institutions
Banks, Investment funds, Insurance companies, Fin-tech companies
Critical Infrastructure
Energy, Transportation and Aviation related companies.

Our latest updates

Mobius report 35/2023 - TM-83 Off-Route Mines with Unique Initiation Systems, Ukraine

Mobius report 35/2023 - TM-83 Off-Route Mines with Unique Initiation Systems, Ukraine

While sophisticated Russian firing devices have been frequently documented with mines in Ukraine, recent evidence shows the Russian use of…
Mobius report 34/2023 - Ukrainian USV WBIEDs

Mobius report 34/2023 - Ukrainian USV WBIEDs

On April 24, 2023, Ukraine launched a combined attack incorporating aerial loitering munitions and uncrewed surface vessel water-borne IEDs against…

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