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Hydra – ISKP-affiliated Telegram channel advises [Cyber Jihad, July 2022]

In recent months, a Telegram channel called “Devotion and Loyalty,” which is part of a Tajik network affiliated with the Islamic State – Khorasan Province (ISKP,) published intensified communiqués regarding money transfers aimed to raise funds for ISKP militants fighting...
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TGA0705 – PDF Militants Unveil Improvised Vehicle-Mounted Launcher, Myanmar

In August 2022, a militant group aligned with the People’s Defense Force, based in Sagaing Region, in northwestern Myanmar, published footage showing a prototype self-produced, six-barrel launcher, mounted on the roof of a civilian vehicle, with firing controlled via six...
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TGA0704 – RC Tracked Robot Mobile Machine Gun, Afghanistan

Since the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, documentation of experimentational RC machine guns have begun to appear online. In a video published in July 2022, the remote firing of an RC tracked robot mobile machine gun was documented. This is a...
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TGA0703 – Improvised Rotary Wing Loitering Munitions, Ukraine

Since June 2022, both the Ukrainian and Russian sides have released documentation of quadcopters used as rotary wing loitering munitions against enemy positions. The quadcopters are packed with explosives and have been documented exploding upon impact. The use of rotary...
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