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Mobius report 85/2023 – Iranian Shia Proxy Militant Attacks against Israel

During the “Iron Swords / Al-Aqsa Flood” war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, the State of Israel was attacked using various types of indirect weapons from different geographical areas by various organizations – all Iranian proxy groups....
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Mobius 84/2023 – Tripwire-Actuated, Syringe-Based Booby Trapped IEDs, Colombia

Colombian security forces have documented numerous IED scenes and weapons caches uncovered during search and arrest operations in their war against armed groups in the country. In this framework, from time to time, we have identified new and creative initiation...
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TGA0762 – Weaponized Drones Used by the SAA in Northern Syria

In the course of September and October 2023, there were several incidents in the northern governorates of Syria, mostly in Idlib Governorate, involving the use of armed UAVs or loitering munitions, the latter based on FPV racing drones. The appearance...
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Mobius report 83/2023 – Weaponized UAVs in Ecuadorian Prisons

Over the past three years, we have seen an increasing use of large UAVs in Ecuador, the most common being various multirotors intended mainly for agricultural purposes. These UAVs are used by criminal organizations primarily for the purposes of transferring...
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