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TGA0705 – PDF Militants Unveil Improvised Vehicle-Mounted Launcher, Myanmar

TGA0705 – PDF Militants Unveil Improvised Vehicle-Mounted Launcher, Myanmar

In August 2022, a militant group aligned with the People’s Defense Force, based in Sagaing Region, in northwestern Myanmar, published footage showing a prototype self-produced, six-barrel launcher, mounted on the roof of a civilian vehicle, with firing controlled via six switches fixed in the driver’s compartment. Improvised rounds, possibly resembling small grenades with delay fuses, are loaded in the launcher in advance, and can be released one at a time, or simultaneously, in either high or flat elevation angle, depending on the proximity and type of target. Mobile launch systems, such as the one recently showcased, can significantly improve the battle logistics for local militants, providing them with higher maneuverability and capabilities, while keeping the fighters safer and less vulnerable to reprisal attacks. This mobile launcher, albeit crude and ostensibly unstable at this stage, with its compatible ammunition still not optimal, is a creative development by the local operatives. Like other improvised weapon systems produced by the PDF in this arena, it will come as no surprise to see the rapid progress and proliferation of this weapon platform.

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